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The Snowy Mountains Hydro Electric Scheme is an integrated water and hydro-electric power facility located in the region. The scheme also has the additional distinction of being one of the most complex, multi-purpose, multi reservoir hydro schemes ever built.

Recognised as a civil engineering wonder of the modern world, and the greatest engineering project undertaken in Australia, the scheme as an engineering and social achievement.

Physical works began on the scheme in 1949 and were completed in 1974. Seven major power stations (two underground), 16 major dams, 80 kilometres of aqueducts, 145 kilometres of tunnels, a large pumping station were completed in all.

Snowy Hydro provides a range of facilities around the Snowy Mountains for the public.

The Snowy Mountains Education Centre in Cooma is a state of the art facility show casing the amazing scheme.

The Murray 1 power station and visitors Centre is located along the Alpine Way near Knhancoban. Inspections of the station show visitors the scle of this scheme.

Cabramurra is Australia's highest town and is home to a a number of workers and their families.

Exploring this scheme is a fantastic experience.


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